Charity Work Fundraising and charity work for Footsteps

Yarm School Fundraising Cheque presentation - December 2019

We are very grateful to Yarm School who have raised £2000 for Footsteps through their Christmas Fair and “own clothes to school day”. This money will go towards funding for extra counsellor sessions and group activities such as dance and yoga.

In memory of Dominic Callum Tucker

We have decided to start raising money for ‘Footsteps’ youth wellbeing support group, run from our local GP surgery after the sudden and tragic death, on October 8th this year, of our beloved son, Dominic Callum Tucker.  Dominic, who was only just twenty four, struggled with anxiety and depression from the age of fourteen, but we struggled to find any support to help him through this stressful time.  I’m sure if he had been able to access this kind of support group, we might not be enduring this heart-breaking and devastating loss. With family and friends, our first walk was completed on the 8th December from our house in Eaglescliife, following the river walk into Yarm High Street. 

We raised £261.21 and together we walked 205,900 steps in memory of Dominic.  We did this for him and all the other young people who are suffering with anxiety and depression.  No family should have to go through what we have endured, but hopefully with groups like this, support will be available to prevent other families going through this.

December 2019.