Youth Workers at Footsteps

Our youth workers are available to greet you when you arrive

On your first visit they will ask you a few simple questions to gain some understanding of the reason for your visit. This helps to direct you quickly to the best person to help you.

They are also available if you just feel you would like a chat or some helpful advice.

They can direct you to the best person to help with your needs and can connect you with activities and youth clubs.

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Youth Direction Youth Direction provides a One Stop Shop drop in service up to 6.30pm

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Youth Direction Service

Youth Direction also offer an outreach service, and can help to transport you to appointments if you are struggling to get to the clinic

You can make an appointment online

A youth worker will always be available for a chat, and if there are no appointments available with a member of the team, they will be able to book that for you whilst you are in the building