Counselling at Footsteps will give you a safe, private and confidential place to talk, and be listened to.

You will not be judged, shamed or turned away. Your counsellor will help you work through your worries, at your pace, without any pressure and for as long as it takes.

Respect, kindness and confidentiality are unconditional to every young person attending Footsteps.

Gill Lynas

I trained as a Registered Nurse, eventually working as a School Nurse. I have worked with children and young people for many years, both in Primary and Secondary schools and also private practice. I choose to work with young people because I can provide a place for them to feel safe, contained and understood without judgement. Working together with children and young people whilst supporting them to find their own solutions in today’s ever changing challenges. These are my main passions and objectives in my professional working career. Footsteps provides an environment to share my professional experience with colleagues and the young people attending the service.

gill lynas

Claire Simpson

I work for Alliance Psychological Services on behalf of Footsteps. I work with children and young people, providing them with a safe space to talk openly about their thoughts and feelings.

I am a Qualified Counsellor and member of the BACP. I am also a Qualified Psychological Well-being Practitioner (PWP) and offer both pathways of support to the Footsteps service.

Upon referral to the service you will be provided with a thorough assessment to assess your current needs and offered the most suitable pathway from there.

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