“Young people are our future
Society needs their spark and energy to make it tick
They have the power to make the world a better place for us all

DOH Green Paper 2018

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About Us

Footsteps is a youth wellbeing service provided by Hartlepool and Stockton Health and is based at Eaglescliffe Health Centre. We aim to provide a one-stop shop to cater for a variety of young peoples needs within a confidential setting with a strong focus on holistic care.

The clinic was designed following extensive consultation with young people in our local area.
Our youth panel was formed in October 2017 and consists of 20 plus 11-19 yr olds who meet regularly to discuss the health needs of young people. Their ideas and opinions have provided the foundations for our Footsteps service and helped in the design of a questionnaire sent out to local schools and colleges in 2018.
We had over 1500 responses and all of these have contributed to our service design.

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Youth Panel Video

This video outlines the work of our youth panel which led us to winning a BMJ award in May 2018

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Created by Cas Hyde. Music and lyrics by Katie Doherty


At footsteps we have a doctor available in every clinic.

We understand that adolescence can be a stressful time and that lots of young people can feel low or anxious at times.

At footsteps we have specialist counsellors who have training in dealing with young people.

We aim to provide the help and support needed for young people to develop the skills and resilience required for their future.

We offer fully confidential advice and treatment around sexual health and contraception needs.

Our youth workers are available to greet you when you arrive.