Fully Confidential Advice

Footsteps offer fully confidential advice and treatment around sexual health and contraception needs.

You can access this in the following ways:
GP – our doctors can provide advice around the best form of contraception for you.

They can prescribe oral contraceptive pills and give contraceptive injections.

We can also discuss any medical concerns you may have in this area and advise around period problems.

We can provide you with emergency contraception.

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brook - Sexual Health Services A Brook counsellor will be available once a fortnight, for drop in appointments up to 6.30pm. They can offer advice with sexual health contraception and relationships and can organise group education sessions

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Sexual Health Nurses – Available Soon

If your GP feels that you would benefit from a full sexual health check or a contraceptive implant you would need to see one of our specialist nurses. Other services offered by our nurses include:

• Emergency contraception
• Screening and treatment for STIs
• All forms of contraception including injection, implant and coil

You can make an appointment online

A youth worker will always be available for a chat, and if there are no appointments available with a member of the team, they will be able to book that for you whilst you are in the building